Sizzle Street Recap - Barbados Food & Wine And Rum Festival 2012

Open air dining at Sizzle Street
The Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival is an exciting 4 days in tropical paradise featuring top chefs, sommeliers and mixologists from Barbados and around the world. It truly is an event not to be missed! Now in it's third year the festival has grown in popularity, and even added a new event. Sizzle Street is the newest addition to the festival, which sought to emphasize one of the biggest food trends around the world today - Street food.

Cocktails From Around The World: Caipirinha

There's a song I dance to at Zumba class (yes I'm a Zumba-holic) with words that go something like this: "Zumba.. Brazil.. caipirinha.. baila..." (video below). I think those words sum up the feeling you get when you drink a Caipirinha - the national cocktail of Brazil. Yes you will want to dance and forget all your worries!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: A Place To Lose Yourself

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Every day, millions of people ponder where they'll run off to in order to escape their daily, mundane routine. Dreams of a different pace of life, new and interesting cuisine and an overall exciting atmosphere may begin to envelope their minds. Images of beautiful, exotic scenery and a change from the average day may continuously circulate and become overwhelming, consuming their thoughts throughout the day. If this sounds like you and you're seeking to satisfy these overwhelming desires, Rio De Janeiro is a wonderful place to start.

Cocktails From Around The World: Peruvian Pisco Sour

Peruvian Pisco Sour
Though both Peru and Chile lay claim to the Pisco Sour cocktail as their official cocktail, the drink actually originated in Lima, Peru during the early 1900s. It is so popular in Peru that the first Saturday of February is designated as "Pisco Sour Day"!

Bajan Roots and Rhythms Dinner Show: Excellent Food, Excellent Show!

Bajan Roots & Rhythms Dinner Show
The Bajan Roots and Rhythms Dinner show is quite the spectacle as it presents an exquisite cabaret with an impressive display of explosive colour, captivating music and unforgettable entertainment. When you arrive, you automatically become aware of the standard of excellence that is synonymous with the show. You are greeted at the entrance by a warm and friendly hostess who will seat you in an area of your choosing.

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures Barbados: Exhilarating Fun!

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventure Platform 
Are you an adrenaline junkie, are you adventurous, are you interested in doing a tour or activity that is different to those that you may have done in the past? Then why not try zipping on a cable line? Aerial Trek Zipline is the only tour of its kind in Barbados and is unique to only a few Caribbean islands. With a total course length of over 1000 feet and the highest platform being approximately 125 feet above the ground Aerial Trek sets the stage for an hour’s worth of exhilarating excitement!

Harbour Lights Barbados: The Ultimate Beach Extravaganza!

Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza
When it comes to enjoying delicious food, unlimited drinks, and fun entertainment in one of the most renowned, laid back, open atmospheres in Barbados; Harbour Lights Barbados is queen of the crop! The Harbour Lights show is housed in one of the most, relaxed arenas anywhere. With the wind in your hair and the sand beneath your feet, you will feel as though you are still on your hotel beach, just with the addition of some of the finest entertainment seen anywhere.

20 Awesome Things To Do, See And Eat In Maui, Hawaii

Maui Beach
A Maui vacation should encompass far more than sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun (although I was tempted to the minute I landed!). Maui has some of the most unique foods, drinks and activities in the world. So my advice to you is this, don't break out the lounge chair and sunblock until you've tried everything Maui has to offer.

Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Sunset Cruise: Non-stop Action!!

Jolly Roger 1 Sunset Cruise
After experiencing the Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Lunch Cruise, I couldn’t help but wonder how this highly acclaimed party cruise would entertain its guests at night without the water activity favorites like rope swinging, walking the plank and swimming with the turtles.  So I arranged for my business associates and myself to experience the special sunset cruise held only one night each week, on Thursdays. I did not know what to expect but I looked forward to it with great anticipation.  Since I’ve already reviewed the day/lunch cruise, this review will simply complete my review of the Black Pearl Party Cruises in general.

Essential Road Trip Food

Road Trip
When I lived in California, my friends and I would constantly be on the road going here, there and everywhere. Apart from the music and long conversations, the food made the trip something I actually looked forward to. With Memorial day and summer fast approaching, families all over the country are preparing to vacation at the destination of their choice. This year, millions of Americans will hit the road and enjoy this great country, whether on their own or with their families.

Party With Pirates: Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Cruise Review

Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 docked in Bridgetown, Barbados
This tour review was written by Markiesha, my cousin, best friend, and co-owner of Baywater Tours. Here's her take on our recent excursion together in Barbados. If you are interested in doing any of the tours mentioned here, contact Baywater Tours for more information. Follow @baywatertours on Twitter and Like Baywater Tours on Facebook.

Ahoy mateys! For those of you that are looking to merge your party animal with your adventurous impulses while in Barbados, look no further, because the Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 will do just that.  The Jolly Roger is known as the ultimate pirate party cruise on the island and from the moment you set foot on the boat the pulsating music will be so resounding you won’t be able to resist shaking some part of your body.  And if at first, you can somehow resist, once you take a sip of their potent self-serve Rum punch (50% alcohol content), chances are you’ll be shaking every part of your body!

2012 Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup

Stilt Man Proudly Waving The Barbados Flag
After my cousin told me that she was going to go to the Sandy Lane Gold Cup with her daughter, I decided to go along for the experience since I had never had the privilege of going before. I wanted to embrace the whole experience, betting and all, but having arrived just in time to see the parade, I didn’t get a chance to place a bet.

Cocktails From Around The World: ABSOLUT Lychee Cooler

ABSOLUT Vodka factory in Ahus, Sweden
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Perhaps the most regarded of Vodkas in the world, ABSOLUT Vodka is produced in a tiny village in Southern Sweden named, Ahus. With a history that dates back over 400 years, I'm sure you've had at least  a drink or two in your lifetime in which this vodka was a key ingredient.

Cocktails From Around The World: Mount Gay Tropical Passion

Barbados Food, Wine & Rum Festival - Ambrosia II
In 2011 I had the pleasure of attending the Barbados Food, Wine & Rum festival which featured top chefs from around the world like Chef Ming Tsai, owner of the award-winning Blue Ginger restaurant near Boston, MA; celebrity Chef Mark McEwan (my favorite chef of the event!), head judge of the Food Network's Top Chef Canada; and Chef Marcus Samuelsson owner of the Red Rooster Harlem in New York, just to name a few.