Cocktails From Around The World: Caipirinha

There's a song I dance to at Zumba class (yes I'm a Zumba-holic) with words that go something like this: "Zumba.. Brazil.. caipirinha.. baila..." (video below). I think those words sum up the feeling you get when you drink a Caipirinha - the national cocktail of Brazil. Yes you will want to dance and forget all your worries!

The Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail is a very simple one to make with only 3 ingredients, but when it's done right it's not only delicious but packs a real punch! The spirit of choice for this cocktail is Cachaça (sugar cane rum), which is Brazil's most common distilled spirit. The popularity of this drink outside of Brazil, has grown over the years due in part to the availability of premium Cachaça outside of Brazil. So next time you feel stressed or you just want to dance, have a Caipirinha and baila!

Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe
8 lime slices
2 tsp of granulated sugar (or to taste)
2.5 oz of premium Cachaça (try Leblon)
ice cubes

Sprinkle the lime slices with the sugar and place into a glass. Use a pestle to crush the pulp side of the lime slices to release some of the juice. Pour the Cachaça into the glass and stir. Then add the ice cubes and stir again. Enjoy!

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