Food and Wine in Australia

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Call me a piglet, but there is something so rewarding about learning the culture of a country through my taste buds. In Australia, because the population is made up of such a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, they have an incredibly diverse and interesting food scene. There is also the fact that they have some of the finest wine-growing regions in the world, and an abundance of great local produce. Yep, dining in Australia is a treat for the senses, and I'm about to take you on a culinary journey. Whether you’re living it up in Brisbane apartments and Sydney hotels or camping under the stars with some bush tucker at Uluru, the food and wine of this country will seduce you as much as the beaches and wide open spaces.

5 Tips Before Driving the Great Ocean Road

Sights along the Great Ocean Road (Photo credit: jimmymytravels)
Driving the Great Ocean Road is an unforgettable experience. Ensure that you do it right and avoid making the most common mistakes by following these 5 tips.

4 Foods To Try In Southeast Asia

Asian Food (Photo: Kimba's Kitchen)
Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting destinations you can travel to - delight your senses and make sure you try the following foods while you’re there!

Travelling through Southeast Asia is a treat for the senses. Not only can you experience incredible scenery, cultures and history, but also you can immerse yourself in a completely different world. In a blur of Vietnam hotels, Thai elephant tours and trips into the jungle in Myanmar, one thing that will stay with you long after you leave is the memory of the delectable food you’ll be able to try while you’re there. Just so you don’t miss out, I’ve taken the liberty of listing the top four foods you absolutely HAVE to try in Southeast Asia. Bon Apetit!

Five Best Historical Highlights of Southeast Asia

Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand

If you consider yourself a bit of a history buff, or are intrigued by the way things used to be, Southeast Asia is a great tourist destination for you. Steeped in history and culture, you don’t have to move far from the modern Vietnam hotels and fancy Balinese resorts to find the Southeast Asia of yesteryear. Here's a list of the top five historical highlights with a collective age that makes any nursing home look like a day care, you’ll be sure to get a history hit at any one of these famous tourist attractions.

3 Asian Holiday Hotspots

Lake Bratan, Bali
Asia has long enchanted the mind of the adventurous traveller, with its steamy rice fields, lush jungles, intriguing local customs and mouthwatering cuisine. In the last few decades, Asia has really come into its own as a tourist destination, and as it continues to move forward in leaps and bounds, the delights on offer to the average traveller get more and more exciting. If you’re considering an Asian holiday, I’ve put together a list featuring three extraordinary, yet very different Asian holiday destinations. Whether you prefer sipping cocktails in one of Bali’s five-star Jimbaran hotels or resorts, trekking through the jungle on a Northern Thailand elephant tour or taking in the cultural diversity of life in Vietnam, Asia is just waiting for you to discover its gems.

3 Luxury Breaks in Australia

Hayman Island Resort, Whitsunday Islands Australia

Australia is full of great places to get away from it all. With an enviable climate and pristine beaches, Australia is practically littered with holiday spots. Sometimes, however, you need that extra little bit of luxury to make your getaway special. Whether it’s a city break to Sydney complete with a 5 star hotel, Sydney limo hire and reservations at all the best restaurants, or a rustic retreat to a private island in the Whitsundays, sometimes that added luxury is exactly what we need to make a holiday one we’ll never forget. We’ve put together three of the best luxury destinations in Australia to give you some ideas, so that your next holiday can be one in which you truly spoil yourself.

So get fussy! Choosing a Hotel in Australia

Hotel Room in Sydney
There are so many good hotels and motels in Australia these days you can hardly avoid finding something nice. It’s almost a joke in the Australian tourist industry that there are probably more top quality hotels in places like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne than you’d expect to find in London or Paris. The only reason it’s not really a joke is because it’s actually true. The good news for tourists is that it means you can get as fussy as you like about choosing Australian hotels, and expect to get a good deal as well.