Party With Pirates: Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Cruise Review

Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 docked in Bridgetown, Barbados
This tour review was written by Markiesha, my cousin, best friend, and co-owner of Baywater Tours. Here's her take on our recent excursion together in Barbados. If you are interested in doing any of the tours mentioned here, contact Baywater Tours for more information. Follow @baywatertours on Twitter and Like Baywater Tours on Facebook.

Ahoy mateys! For those of you that are looking to merge your party animal with your adventurous impulses while in Barbados, look no further, because the Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 will do just that.  The Jolly Roger is known as the ultimate pirate party cruise on the island and from the moment you set foot on the boat the pulsating music will be so resounding you won’t be able to resist shaking some part of your body.  And if at first, you can somehow resist, once you take a sip of their potent self-serve Rum punch (50% alcohol content), chances are you’ll be shaking every part of your body!