Party With Pirates: Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Cruise Review

Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 docked in Bridgetown, Barbados
This tour review was written by Markiesha, my cousin, best friend, and co-owner of Baywater Tours. Here's her take on our recent excursion together in Barbados. If you are interested in doing any of the tours mentioned here, contact Baywater Tours for more information. Follow @baywatertours on Twitter and Like Baywater Tours on Facebook.

Ahoy mateys! For those of you that are looking to merge your party animal with your adventurous impulses while in Barbados, look no further, because the Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 will do just that.  The Jolly Roger is known as the ultimate pirate party cruise on the island and from the moment you set foot on the boat the pulsating music will be so resounding you won’t be able to resist shaking some part of your body.  And if at first, you can somehow resist, once you take a sip of their potent self-serve Rum punch (50% alcohol content), chances are you’ll be shaking every part of your body!

This is a pirate ship!
 I went on the party cruise one day before my 30th birthday so maybe feelings of nostalgia permeated my experience somewhat, but my company thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  My review of this activity is therefore primarily based upon observing my 4 year old daughter and cousin, Desiree (FoodTravelDiva), who has also just turned 30, having the time of their lives.
FoodTravelDiva and my daughter having fun on the top deck!
If you are prone to get sea sick then you need to be cautious when on the Jolly Roger.  Though bigger than the average catamaran, the Jolly Roger’s small frame still rocks and sways a lot especially when travelling at high speeds.  Once the 3 of us boarded we explored the bottom deck where the restrooms are and after returning to the main floor, I hesitantly ventured up to the top deck upon my party’s insistence.
Captain Shane Atwell and my daughter steering the ship
If you intend to go on the Jolly Roger to have a good dance workout then the top deck is where you need to be.  All the party enthusiasts go on the top deck for the sun, the breeze and the room to dance and gyrate to their heart’s desire.  When we got there, less than half hour into the trip, the party had already begun with a group of people ‘wukking up’ to the rhythms.
Arrrr...All prisoners must walk the plank!
When the cruise docked for lunch on the West Coast of the island, it was time for the patrons to indulge their adventurous side; walking the plank and rope swinging into the beautiful, crystal clear water.   Unfortunately, we weren’t able to participate in one of the key features of the cruise which is swimming with the turtles.  As nature would have it the turtles weren’t cooperative and the captain apologised for the omitted attraction.
Off she goes!
I suited up my daughter with the life vest provided for us by the crew and she was assisted into the water by a kind gentleman tourist.  At first my daughter was a bit scared when she got in but she courageously weathered the movement of the waves asserting to Desiree and the lifeguard that she was okay and preferred to stay in the water.  She was much braver than some adults (including myself), even receiving a token koala bear key chain for her bravery from the Australian visitor that helped her into the sea.
Thumbs up or foot up? My daughter and the Life Guard on duty!
Watching the tourists walk the plank was probably just as much fun as actually participating.  They all got big thrills cannon balling, diving and belly flopping into the Caribbean Sea water.  During the anchored period, it was also time to savour the scrumptious meal that is, in part, cooked on deck.  If you order the steak or the tuna fish, you won’t regret it as you watch and smell the aroma during the preparation of those choices.
Steak grilled just the way you want it on board!
We all enjoyed the food, even though my daughter would have much preferred to go back into the sea.  The menu buffet of macaroni and cheese pie, vegetable rice, steamed vegetables, tossed salad, coleslaw, garlic bread and a choice of chicken, steak or fish almost made me forget that I was on a boat.  (FoodTravelDiva recommends that you choose the steak – it was tender, juicy and bursting with flavor!). The only thing that could have made dining more pleasurable was a table to sit at and fully relish my meal.
Rope Swinging! 
After everyone had eaten, and the more adventurous people had their fill of swinging off the rope, it was time to head back and really party on the return journey.  The proceedings were kicked off with a traditional pirate wedding and two cooperative sports indulged the crewmen all in the name of great entertainment.  The couple’s Hispanic language barrier also added to the hilarity as we all looked on and laughed in good fun.  Next, it was congaline time followed by a frenzy of dances lead by the crewmen to popular Bajan Soca songs like “follow the leader” and “cent, five cent, ten cent dollar”. Desiree, who is really into her Zumba, seemed to gain energy with each adrenaline pumped song change.  I don’t recall ever seeing her have that much fun!
Pirate Wedding performed on board by Captain Shane Atwell
The music selection didn’t lack for variety either, as the DJ also played today’s popular contemporary hits like Maroon 5’s Moves like Jagger and LMFAO’s I’m Sexy and I know it.  To cap the day’s festivities, the finale ended on a high for me as I was called to the main deck’s bar to celebrate my birthday with a cake platter given to me by the Jolly Roger crew.  It truly was a great day’s event and an exciting eve to my milestone.  So my final review of the Pirate Party Cruise is this: If you want to have loads of fun and you’ve got the stomach for it you should definitely get onboard the Jolly Roger!

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