2012 Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup

Stilt Man Proudly Waving The Barbados Flag
After my cousin told me that she was going to go to the Sandy Lane Gold Cup with her daughter, I decided to go along for the experience since I had never had the privilege of going before. I wanted to embrace the whole experience, betting and all, but having arrived just in time to see the parade, I didn’t get a chance to place a bet.
Parading the Colors of Barbados
The Garrison Savannah was electrifying. It was packed to capacity with all kinds of people, dressed in all types of fashions. It was pretty funny to observe because some people seemed to be in competition with the costumed performers in the parade. The parade itself was low-key but tasteful. The performers did a great job keeping their audience’s attention; providing an hour’s worth of fun, clean entertainment. However, the parade was just the appetizer and the entree was now minutes away from being served.
Sandy Lane Barbados Parade
Even the gloomy weather couldn’t put a damper on the much awaited finale as the people all gathered into decent viewing position for the grand finale Sandy Lane Gold Cup race. Although I didn’t get a chance to bet on a horse, I was determined not to be outdone by the betters in the cheering so I chose a horse based on my favorite color red and since it also happened to share my brother’s name I figured, Dancin' David was a sure win. My cousin picked based on the name, so her favorite to win was ‘show me the money’.
Sandy Lane Barbados Dancers
Sandy Lane Barbados Dancers
There were low murmurs as the horses entered the gates and just before the start, for a brief moment, it seemed like the earth stood still because everyone went silent. Then in the twinkling of an eye a shot rang through the air and the horses were off! Everyone rose to their feet as the horses went past the finish post the first time and then as they were nearing the final finish to see which one would be crowned victor, the noises swelled. People were now hollering for their favored horse in a frantic frenzy.

Royal Barbados Police Band
My horse Dancin' David and her horse 'Show me the money' were neck and neck as the horses all galloped at top speed toward the finish. However, with only a few yards to go, Dancin' David pulled out front never to be caught again leaving all the other horses in a mini explosion of dirt! I can’t recall the last time I screamed like that. It was a very exhilarating feeling and the only thing that would have made it more enjoyable was if I had actually bet. As the saying goes 'maybe I’ll have better luck next time.’
Winning Horse, Dancin David Crossing the Finish Line

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