Seychelles - An Unforgettable Dream Vacation

Whenever work was super slow, I'd pass the time by "traveling" to a destination I'd never heard of or been to via the internet. Then I'd day dream and imagine what it would be like to visit that place, and I'd plan a trip there as if I were fortunate enough to actually afford it. Yes I'd look for the most luxurious hotels and just gaze at the photos, imagining myself laying on the soft fluffy bed or sitting on the balcony with my gourmet breakfast while taking in the fresh crisp air blowing across the sparkling water and believe that it was blowing just for me..aahhh! And then I'd look at the restaurant photos and the menus, and pretend to order everything that looked good on the menu as if the chef were my personal chef. Have you ever done this? If you haven't let me tell you it's almost as good as traveling for real. In fact it's better because there are no airport layovers, rude travelers, or bad service and you never ever run out of money!

So that's what I did one painfully slow day I work. I packed my bags and took a trip over to Seychelles. Now where on earth is Seychelles? Seychelles (a multilingual nation with French, English and Creole being the main languages), I found out is actually located in the western Indian Ocean , approximately 1000 miles off the eastern coast of Africa. Yeah it's way out there, that's why I have to dream. What I found fascinating about this destination is that it is made up of 115 islands...yes you read correctly...1-1-5!! Wow that could make for a neverending vacation! And what's even more fascinating is that some of the islands are granitic (said to be the oldest and probably the only mid-oceanic islands of this kind) and some are coralline which presents an exciting combination of flora and fauna. Of the 115 islands though, only about 5 are the main centres of attraction. However, if you happen to be wanting to shed a few million dollars, who knows maybe you could own a little piece of paradise. But if you're like me, (yes I know this is a dream but I'm trying not to be too out of this world) then the main islands of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Alphonse and Desroches are where we want to be!

So here I am on Mahé (the largest island), and I can't wait to reach my hotel. Since I'm dreaming I will stay at the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa....this place captivates me. Just visiting their website took my breath away as I listened to the ever so gentle, hypnotic rhythms of the wind dancing with the harp and piano (at least that's what it sounds like). I chose to stay here because it looks like the kind of place you can only dream of - it's small and intimate - and oh so luxurious. I had a Villa all to myself, complete with a personal butler and panoramic views of the ocean...Ahhhh. Talk about a holiday for the soul. This place is nestled amongst the flora as though the two were formed from the earth together. Lush, scented, well manicured gardens entice you, beckoning you to stop and stare....and I do because I've got all day.

My room is everything I dreamed it would be - private, with panoramic views of the diamond kissed waters of the Indian Ocean. There's nothing to interrupt my view, nothing to interrupt my pleasure - no demanding boss, no unruly tourists, no loud music, no kids screaming - just the sound of the waves dancing with the sand and the breeze playing with my hair and running laps about my body...mmmm. I don't want to wake up. Let me stay here forever. I've got my own private verandah, an infinity pool, a private outdoor sunken bath that allows me to gaze at the stars while I enjoy a jasmine scented bath(and I've even got all the technological comforts of home if I want to stay connected). I just don't know how to act! Can you imagine honeymooning in a place like this? I guarantee you'd never forget it!

As if that's not enough to totally relax me. I decide to indulge a little bit more. So I head over to the Spa. Like Queen Latifah in the movie "Last Holiday", I'm about to live it up! Ooh I'm gonna get an Island Pleasure Combo - yes I'm gonna get my skin polished and exfoliated, and then I'm gonna get it massaged ... ahhh so invigorating! I'm glistening from head to toe with skin I thought had left me for good when I turned 3yrs old.

Now I'm just plain hungry! What's good to try? I'm in luck! Their restaurant Tec Tec is the only gourmet restaurant on Mahé. Ooh can't have a dream holiday without a treat for my culinary senses now can I ?! Then I wouldn't be dreaming right. Since I'm on the all-inclusive plan, I can have whatever I want. I can have the Chef prepare something just for moi! (I knew this dream was gonna be good!). I think I'll have my personal butler organize a fabulous meal for me right next to the ocean. Yes that's what I'll do. And it'll come with a perfectly paired bottle of wine - the best there is - money is no concern of mine. I hear the food here can be described as Meditteranean and having the rich textures of French cuisine, the exotic spices of Indian food and the spicy flavors of the Orient. Mmmm my journey is complete.

What's that you say? What about things to do? Well who says I want to do anything on my dream vacation?! (Okay okay we'll do at least one thing) Let's see ... Oh I know, let's visit the local markets and see what treasures await. And then let's island hop! Just get out on the ocean blue and "discover" every bay and atoll - robinson crusoe style. Let's go snorkelling while we're at it, then stop for an unforgettable gourmet lunch at a secluded beach. Yes! I'm loving these things to do.

May you please speak to our technical staff? Excuse me? Who are you, what are you doing in my dream and what are you talking about? Oh yeah! I'm at work... I guess this is where the dream ends...but first chance I get, I'll be right back on Seychelles.

Here's a recipe I found online for a taste of Seychelles:

Seychelles Fish Curry (adapted from


For Masale

2 tbsp coriander seeds
2 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp black peppercorns
1 tsp cardamom pods
1 tsp cloves
Small piece of cinnamon
1 tsp ground chilli
1 tsp grated nutmeg

For Curry

2lb Snapper
Freshly ground black pepper and salt to taste
2 tbsp Canola oil
2 onions, chopped
½ tsp ground turmeric
2 cloves garlic, chopped
small piece ginger, shredded
3 tbsp tamarind water
2 sprigs thyme
1tsp flat leaved parsley
450ml fish stock or water


To make the masale, take all the whole spices and dry roast them until lightly colored.
Then grind the nutmeg and chili and stir them in.
To make the curry, cut the fish into small pieces, season with salt and pepper, and set aside.
Heat the oil in a heavy pan and fry the onion until golden. Stir in the massalé and turmeric and sautee.
Add the fish, and all the other remaining ingredients. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 10 minutes until the fish is cooked.
Serve with basmati rice.

Indian Fish Curry on Foodista

Enjoy! While on Seychelles be sure to try out these other dishes: Chatini, Daube, Soupe de tectec, Bourgeois grille, Bouillon brede, Chauve-souris or Fruitbat, and Cari Bernique.