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Road Trip
When I lived in California, my friends and I would constantly be on the road going here, there and everywhere. Apart from the music and long conversations, the food made the trip something I actually looked forward to. With Memorial day and summer fast approaching, families all over the country are preparing to vacation at the destination of their choice. This year, millions of Americans will hit the road and enjoy this great country, whether on their own or with their families.

While checking your automobile's travel condition is very important, an often overlooked aspect of road trips, is the food that you can eat while on the drive! Stopping at restaurants to buy from their value menus can still turn out to be expensive, and the foods that you will end up eating might not be the best for your body. The next time you go on your road trip, consider these classic foods for you to munch on. Not only will they make you feel better, but you will be saving yourself a good chunk of change that you can then spend on your destination. Before you go, remember that you might need a cooler with ice to keep things cold and maybe a thermos to keep things warm. This will increase the diversity of foods that you can take on your trip, and you are less likely to get tired of it and head to one of those value menu places.
Breakfast Bagel
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just because you are on the road doesn't mean that you have to eat unsatisfying meals or survive on granola bars (tough they are a great road trip food). The following are some foods that you should take on your road trip in order for you to get some healthy calories in you to get you started on your drive and keep you energized throughout the day.
Fresh fruit is extremely important, as it is a source of natural sugars, vitamins and minerals. Also, there are no empty calories and unhealthy fats. Good breakfast fruits you should take include bananas, apples and oranges. Make sure to keep these in a cooler for maximum freshness.
Another food you need to take is cereal. Cereal is a mainstay in breakfast today, and since they sell cereals in individual portions now, it will be easy for you to pack them and take them on your trip. Make sure to take milk for you to have with the cereal if you like it that way. Combine it with your fruit for extra goodness.
You always have to have carbs, that is why you should take some type of muffin or bagel to munch on for breakfast. Couple your carbs with some butter or cream cheese and you'll forget all about fast food. Along with carbs, you might also crave some type of protein. A perfect protein source would be the smoked sausages that are pre-cooked. With all of these components, you will be ready to have a good, filling breakfast.
To wash it all down, consider taking natural apple or orange juice. Also, don't forget about water. It's as natural and healthy as you can get. 
Lunch and Dinner
Sandwiches Make the Perfect Road Trip Food!
People are always looking forward to lunch and dinner. At work, it is a break from your daily stresses, and on the road, it will be a break from driving hundreds of miles. Hopefully you can find a nice little rest area, and after you stretch your muscles out, you'll be ready to feast on these foods that are perfect for lunch or dinner.
Sandwiches are the ultimate road trip food, as you can have many food groups nestled nicely between two pieces of bread. The variations here are almost endless. You can have white bread, wheat bread, or any other type of bread you can imagine. As for what goes inside, there are also endless possibilities, such as deli meats, peanut butter and jelly, or any other types of meat and veggie combinations that you can imagine. Remember to take condiments, such as mayo and mustard, to give your sandwiches an extra kick.
Other foods that you can take include potato salad (kept in the cooler) and veggies such as celery sticks, carrots and lettuce. The celery and carrots can be eaten as a snack, while you can use the lettuce in your sandwiches for a good crunch. Hot dogs are also extremely simple to prepare on the road and very satisfying to eat, given that you keep them in a thermos and let them cook in boiling water.
To drink, soda is a great break from water, just as long as you don't drink four cans in one sitting. Also, you can pack other refreshing drinks like lemonade or some iced tea.
Fruit, Cheese and Nuts Make A Great Snack!
Snacks are also very important, as they are a little pick me up and get you through your next meal. Aside from the veggies, you can also take some chips, chocolate, crackers, and cheese.
With a little planning, you can be sure that you will have a spectacular road trip with many goodies to eat and keep you well fed, content, and energized. (And keep more money in your pocket for the fun activities!)
What are your favorite road trip foods to take along?
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