Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Sunset Cruise: Non-stop Action!!

Jolly Roger 1 Sunset Cruise
After experiencing the Barbados Black Pearl Jolly Roger 1 Lunch Cruise, I couldn’t help but wonder how this highly acclaimed party cruise would entertain its guests at night without the water activity favorites like rope swinging, walking the plank and swimming with the turtles.  So I arranged for my business associates and myself to experience the special sunset cruise held only one night each week, on Thursdays. I did not know what to expect but I looked forward to it with great anticipation.  Since I’ve already reviewed the day/lunch cruise, this review will simply complete my review of the Black Pearl Party Cruises in general.

Ye better be shiverin' in ye timbers...Arrrrr! (Pirate Host of the night)
There are some things about a BlackPearl Party cruise that won’t change no matter the time of day and those things are the infamous all you can drink, self serve rum punch, the choice of food, and the only thing more intoxicating than the rum punch which is the music.  However, although the highlights of the cruise like the rope swinging, walking the plank and swimming with the turtles could not take place; there was a surprising platform of entertainment that provided loads of fun and laughter throughout the night.
Green Monkey Character
The first “act” that caught many of us off guard was the appearance of a larger-than-life-sized Green Monkey character (a species of monkey originally brought to Barbados back in the 1600s on slave ships from Gambia and Senegal in West Africa) which provided loads of laughter and excitement as we watched it climb, tumble, dance, summersault and pose to the patrons’ delight.  His antics were truly captivating and he seemed to have a never ending supply of energy.  The next piece of entertainment with the Jolly Roger dancers was hilarious as the dancers performed their light-hearted bit with the kind of sport that is synonymous with Barbados’ number 1 party cruise.
Mateys Goofing Off!
Arrrr...this isn't Rum Punch!! Off with yer head Matey!!!
The Pirate host did a great job keeping the crowd engaged between acts and the DJ kept the electric atmosphere on a high note with his selection of pulsating rhythms all night long.  The dinner, like the lunch, had the usual selection of rice, macaroni and cheese pie, tossed salad, coleslaw, garlic bread and a choice of fish, steak or chicken.  The steak was superb and it remains our recommended choice of meat for this cruise.
Beef Steak & Tuna Steaks Grilled just the way you like it!
After dinner was over it was back to the main deck for more entertainment from the ‘wuk up’ (sensual Caribbean dance produced by gyrating the hips) specialist.  This interactive segment was probably the most fun of the night as we all had great fun watching a few volunteers accept the ‘wuk up’ specialist’s challenge.  There was never a dull moment as every minute of the night was packed with entertainment.  I can certainly confirm the Jolly Roger 1 Black Pearl Party Cruise’s claim of being the number one party cruise on the island.  So next time you are in Barbados be sure to put this tour at the top of your must do list!
Wuk Up Specialist Showing How It's Done!
Jolly Roger Dancers Performing to Sweet Soca Music!
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