3 Asian Holiday Hotspots

Lake Bratan, Bali
Asia has long enchanted the mind of the adventurous traveller, with its steamy rice fields, lush jungles, intriguing local customs and mouthwatering cuisine. In the last few decades, Asia has really come into its own as a tourist destination, and as it continues to move forward in leaps and bounds, the delights on offer to the average traveller get more and more exciting. If you’re considering an Asian holiday, I’ve put together a list featuring three extraordinary, yet very different Asian holiday destinations. Whether you prefer sipping cocktails in one of Bali’s five-star Jimbaran hotels or resorts, trekking through the jungle on a Northern Thailand elephant tour or taking in the cultural diversity of life in Vietnam, Asia is just waiting for you to discover its gems.

Pat Mase Villas, Bali
If you’re the kind of traveller who likes to ease into new things, Bali is the perfect stepping stone for immersing yourself in Asian culture. Highly westernized because of its long-held reputation as a surf-haven for Australian tourists, Bali is both traditional and modern at the same time. There are still plenty of chances to experience Balinese culture, with temples, festivals and local markets playing a huge part in the tourist economy - but when culture-shock starts to set in, it also has some of the best resorts Asia has to offer, complete with beach frontage and poolside cocktails. Bali is a holiday dream, because it allows you to experience something different while not having to think too hard about…well, anything, really!
Fresh Produce at a Bali Local Market
Phi Phi Beach, Thailand
For the next step up in intense cultural experiences, Thailand is a great Asian holiday destination. Things are definitely different here, and from the chaotic city streets of Bangkok where crossing the street feels like a suicide mission to the untamed wilderness of the northern mountains and jungles, you’ll definitely feel far from home when you’re in Thailand. To make things easy, however, the tourist route through Thailand is a well-worn one, and you’ll not only encounter loads of western tourists along for the ride, but you’ll also encounter loads of local attractions that cater to you. Thai hospitality is legendary, and a trip will not only leave you enchanted - it’ll leave you wanting more.
Grosser Palaste, Bangkok ,Thailand
Halong Bay Cruise, Vietnam
Vietnam is really coming into its own as a tourist destination for westerners, and if any country was used to hosting visitors (some wanted, some unwanted) it’s Vietnam. Playing host to the Chinese in ancient times, the French during the Second World War and the Americans during the Vietnam War, this little country has definitely had its share of outside influences. Vietnam hotels are a mix of all three cultures, and yet every city has its own unique flavour, and each one is as intoxicating as the next.
Golden Sand Resort & Spa, Hoi An, Vietnam
Low prices, a booming hospitality industry and exotic and tropical destinations has put Asia well and truly on the tourist map. Why not see for yourself what all the fuss is about?
Monkey Island, Vietnam

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