Bajan Roots and Rhythms Dinner Show: Excellent Food, Excellent Show!

Bajan Roots & Rhythms Dinner Show
The Bajan Roots and Rhythms Dinner show is quite the spectacle as it presents an exquisite cabaret with an impressive display of explosive colour, captivating music and unforgettable entertainment. When you arrive, you automatically become aware of the standard of excellence that is synonymous with the show. You are greeted at the entrance by a warm and friendly hostess who will seat you in an area of your choosing.

While seated, your assigned attendant will take your drink orders and continue to keep your drinks coming to your heart’s content for the duration of the show. The night’s entertainment begins with the sensational rhythms of the Casablanca Steel Orchestra as they do their rendition of the Crop Over Festival Season’s most popular soca music.
Sumptious Buffet is Served
Shortly into the Steel Band’s renditions you will be prompted to go into the banquet area for a served buffet meal. The dinner is a full traditional Barbadian meal complete with rice and peas, fried plantain, baked chicken, beef stew, fried flying fish, steamed vegetables, garlic potatoes and macaroni cheese pie with a self help salad bar of tossed salad, potato salad and coleslaw.
Dessert Table
If you’re thinking, well that’s quite a meal, it doesn’t end there because the self help dessert table has a variety of desserts including chocolate cake, vanilla cake, bread pudding with rum sauce, apple pie and fruit salad. The meal is arguably one of the best if not the best traditional Barbadian meal that you will have on the island and its preparation is of the highest health standard containing no harmful preservatives or MSG.
The Original Bridgetown Market
Once dinner has been served and savored, the show begins with a calypso tribute to Barbados in an exciting segment called “Proud to be a Bajan”. The rest of the show is packed with a rich cultural and historical experience including a wide range of tributes. The show pays tribute to Africa, to select Caribbean Islands, and to our born and raised Barbadian pop star Rihanna. Fire eating, stilt walking, limbo dancing, and the sweet serenades of Mr. Philip Seven complement the night’s proceedings along with an exhilarating, audience-interactive component called ‘make noise’ with the ever energetic Didi.
Stilt men
Limbo Queen
At the Plantation Garden Theatre you can be sure that the level of service will be excellent as it is the motto of the Bajan Roots and Rhythms Dinner Show to be “Always Excellent!” With over 30 years of experience in the industry from their inception in 1980 as the Tropical Spectacular Dinner Show, this attraction has continued to grow in popularity and recognition. The show’s high acclaim has extended beyond local news to international main stream media, as it has been highlighted several times on CNN’s Travel Guide, BET, BBC and Granada Television in the U.K.
Tribute to Cuba - Latin Dance
The Bajan Roots and Rhythms dinner show is one of the “must do” attractions on the beautiful island of Barbados. So if you want an all inclusive induction into Bajan culture, cuisine and camaraderie at its best be sure to make your reservation today. Bajan Roots and Rhythms; excellent food, excellent show, excellent entertainment all the time… “Always excellent!”
Massive Congaline!

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