Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures Barbados: Exhilarating Fun!

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventure Platform 
Are you an adrenaline junkie, are you adventurous, are you interested in doing a tour or activity that is different to those that you may have done in the past? Then why not try zipping on a cable line? Aerial Trek Zipline is the only tour of its kind in Barbados and is unique to only a few Caribbean islands. With a total course length of over 1000 feet and the highest platform being approximately 125 feet above the ground Aerial Trek sets the stage for an hour’s worth of exhilarating excitement!

High above Jack in The Box Gully, Aerial Trek
I have to say that my experience on Aerial trek was not quite as scary or death defying as I thought it would be. It was merely the anticipation of zipping on the line and the possibility of getting stuck that provided the adrenaline rush. The actual zipping was quite mild but that was my experience mainly because I didn’t have any complications. From the perspective of my colleagues that got stuck on 2 of the longer lines however, they may beg to differ.
Getting ready to zip!
On that note, I’d like to encourage anyone doing this tour for the first time to go with a group of your craziest, most adventurous friends. For me, my company made the tour that much more entertaining. Knowing that my best friend from toddler years would be at the other end waiting to see if I would get stuck on the line, brought out the competitive edge that I needed to execute my zips without a hitch. I knew that if I got stuck she would never let me live it down.
My gal pals after the tour! We had so much fun!
I must also highly commend the Aerial Trek staff for their expertise and professionalism. The tour guides are seasoned and highly trained and there wasn't a mishap that occurred that they didn't effectively deal with. Not only are they trained on how to counteract any technical problems; their people skills also came to the fore as they somehow managed to keep the patrons calm with their relaxing vibe and mannerisms.
Aerial Trek Staff getting patrons ready for the tour
I don’t know if I would ever venture to complete Aerial Trek’s zipline adventure again but I will say this; if you’ve got the stomach for it you should try it at least once. Getting to go on this tour with my best friends and enjoy the outdoors with them at that level was one of the best activities that I’ve ever done. It has provided us with an adventure that we will be speaking about for years to come.
All suited up!
If you are a local and you want to experience this tour first hand, now is the time to do it because for a limited time you can do this tour for BDS$20 per person on the 2nd Sunday of each month only. So get out with your friends, become one with nature and zip through the gully on the Aerial Trek Zipline Adventure. I am sure that it’s a tour that you won’t regret trying... I know I don’t.

This tour review was written by Markiesha, managing director and co-owner of Baywater Tours. If you are interested in doing the tour mentioned above, contact Baywater Tours for more information. You can also follow @baywatertours on Twitter and "like" Baywater Tours on Facebook.


Michaela Hall said...

I haven't had the opportunity to ride on a zipline, but I'm sure Barbados would be a wonderful place to experience it. What a cool way to get a good view and increase your heart rate. LOL!

Michaela Hall said...

I haven't had the opportunity to ride on a zipline, but I'm sure that Barbados would be the perfect place to do so. I bet it's a great way to see the beautiful scenery and have some fun!

Desiree Lowe said...

Hi Michaela! Yes Barbados, is a great place to experience ziplining! I hope you'll get a chance to come visit soon and enjoy all that Barbados has to offer. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)