Fine Food and Mountains: Skiing Holidays in France

Les Deux Alpes, France

Today's Food and Ski holiday was written by Nick Lewis, a travel writer and copy editor for Eclipse Ski, specialists in group and skiing holidays. Visit Eclipse Ski for more information.

For the traveller keen on both skiing and fine food, there is no better place for a skiing holiday than France. As any gastronomer knows, the French take their food very seriously. And the Alpine French take their skiing just as seriously.

Despite skiing having been invented in Norway, France hosts some of the oldest and most highly-regarded ski resorts in the world. The oldest ski resort in France, Chamonix, first became popular as a ski holiday destination in the 19th century, and grew its reputation by hosting the first winter Olympics in 1924.

This prestigious history has secured France as the default destination of choice for many ski holiday goers, particularly those with a taste for fine food. As the home of haute cuisine, a trip to any up-market restaurant or hotel in France’s well equipped ski resorts is highly unlikely to disappoint.
Luxury Ski Resort in the French Alps
Those after the best skiing holidays in the Alps would be well advised to consider Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes. Both of these resorts have stunning reputations with enormous off-piste ski areas as well as a huge variety of pisted runs suited to any ability level.

Being in the mountains, the food served in these resorts tends to be of the hearty variety, a welcome feature of a holiday centred around snow. For some great fondue, try Pomme De Pin, a converted rustic barn in Alpe d’Huez, or nearby for Chalet du Lac Besson for light omelettes and meat stews alongside the hot cheese.
Gourmet Omelette Breakfast
Those after some traditionally rich food to complement their skiing holidays would do well to visit Le Diable au Couer in Les Deux Alpes or Le P’tit Polyte who both offer up fine French staples such as foie gras and the opportunity to sample delicious local wines.

For the best in skiing holidays that combine great food with great skiing, there really is little alternative to a skiing holiday in the French Alps.


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