Thanksgiving From Afar

It's been a while since I last posted and that's because I've been swamped with work and travelling and working and travelling some more! I've finally found ... no Made some time to write a post and what better thing to post about than Thanksgiving!

In Barbados, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I had the pleasure of experiencing an American Thanksgiving a couple years ago when I was in California. I must say it is a most splendid occasion. For one day people are actually thankful for what they have, unlike other holidays when people are upset about what they didn't get. Maybe that's what makes it such an enjoyable holiday!

This year, I'm thankful for many things - for love of friends and family, for a job (especially in today's economy!), for a home, for health, for peace in my life...for everything I've got and even for the things I don't. One of the highlights for me this year was getting engaged to the love of my life! So even though I won't be in the USA this Thanksgiving, I've still got plenty to be thankful for.

So while many are feasting on Turkey, pie and more pie, I will be reminiscing on my last Thanksgiving and looking forward to the next. I'll be getting ready to celebrate Independence Day in Barbados (Nov 30th)...and I'll also be dreaming about eating these exciting foods that I found on Foodista. May it give you some inspiration this Thanksgiving!

Roast Turkey on Foodista

Italian Turkey Stuffing on Foodista

Cajun Tomato Gravy on Foodista

Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potatoes on Foodista

Cream Cheese Pecan Pie on Foodista

And of course, I've gotta have a good cocktail! I'm a sucker for Pina Colada!

Pina Colada on Foodista


Alisa said...

Wow, congratulations Des! This makes me want to break out into a pina colada song :)

FoodTravelDiva said...

Haha Thanks Alisa! Let's dance and shout! :)