Wonderful Wine...with an amazing view!

If you're like me and you have an appreciation for wine, you would've enjoyed my recent visit to Callaway Vineyard & Winery in the heart of Temecula, California. It was a bright, sunny day with a nice cool breeze - just perfect for a nice outdoor lunch complete with wine. This is the stuff that makes life oh so pleasurable!

Callaway Vineyard & Winery has been making quality wines since 1969 and they have a lovely outdoor restaurant called Meritage where the menu features a nice selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts wonderfully paired with wine. The views from this restaurant alone are well worth the trip! Panoramic views extend for miles - rolling hills, clear blue sky - just awesome! And the crisp fresh air - it's holiday for the spirit!

Being my first time there (or to a vineyard period) I found it hard to choose from the menu. Everything looked so good! From the salads to the pasta to the bread to the prime rib. Ooh! Finally I decided to try the Hangar Steak "Frites" - tender cuts of Beef in a light garlic sauce. Excellent choice! My partner decided to go for the Short Ribs prepared in a well-balanced red wine sauce. Another excellent choice! For dessert we had a berry cobbler with cream sauce. It was hot out the oven and the sweetness was just right, but not enough crust on top for me.

And then there was the wine - we ordered a whole bottle - perfectly paired with our meal. It was a melange of aromatic cherries, juicy plums and bittersweet chocolate....Mmmm. Too bad we couldn't drink the whole bottle between us!

My first visit to Wine Country left me wanting to return - it was the perfect way to spend a perfect day!

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Food Of Miami said...

this looks like the most perfect day! simply fabulous!

FoodTravelDiva said...

It was! Thanks for stopping by.

Seena said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.. :)
hope to see you again.. :)

Mercblogger said...

Wow, that just makes me hungry!

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Creativecook said...

Food Diva,

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing.

FoodTravelDiva said...

It was my pleasure. Thank you for your kind comments!

Rox said...

Yum! I want to go there. This food looks SOOOO good. And the scenery is breathtaking!