Long Absence

I know it's been too long since I last posted, but I've been traveling, moving and just plain busy! I'm sneaking a few moments in to update my blog. I had been thinking of posting about my trip to Branson, Missouri next, but so many travels have occurred since then. So I put it to you loyal readers which trip shall I post about next?

A) Branson, Missouri
B) San Diego, California
C) Tucson, Arizona

Let me know! I've got some good recipes to share soon including Pineapple Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie, Mango Crumble Cobbler and Smothered Creole Chicken. Stay tuned!


Sapuche said...

I vote for Tucson next, if only because I lived there for several years and would love to pay a return visit through your experiences! I look forward to all those recipes you mentioned, too!

Ricardo said...

Any will do for me as I know none of these places so they are all interesting for me ...i love America, shame I am not American hehe Rico-Recipes

joey said...

Tuscon ... Mr. Ho-Hum played football at U of A ... many, many years ago :) and I visited ... once!